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Since the beginning of 2018, we have been committed to helping our clients follow higher education abroad. Entering our childhood, we are committed to the field of higher education consulting to offer our clients the best taste and great service. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you with our best knowledge and experience and support your professional goals.
Steps International is an authorized and endorsed Education Consultancy by Government of Nepal and Ministry of Education set up with a perfectly clear intention to provide quality help, which seeks to be a low study of foreign earning ability. Founded in early 2018 by the gathering of experienced experts, from today it is encouraged by its goal of providing quality support that need to continue conducting research on the potential of foreign countries.

Study Destinations

Studying abroad is an exciting, but sometimes frustrating, professional choice. To avoid confusion and problems, this is the best idea to choose Step International Education as your mentor or pioneer.
Our trained counsellors will listen to you without judgement and will help you think through the problems you are facing, whether personal or professional, to find a way forwards and feel better.



Maintain the importance of IELTS and offer all possible help and services to students wishing to take the IELTS exam at the Faculty of Education.
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